Emil Ionuț Negrușa

About Us

Carpathian Hunters is a traditional and dynamic organization that sets a new standard in the European hunting experience.

Based on many years of constant activity in organizing tailor made hunting programs for individuals, groups and companies, you will find Carpathian Hunters as a personal partner who goes into a close dialogue and gives you open and honest advices with a high level of service, before, during and after the journey.

With passion and perseverance inherited from father to son, rooted at the foothill of Calimani Mountains 20 km away of the most famous territory with the highest density of Brown Bear in Europe, very strong traditions and hystory being related to those places, the founder and owner of Carpathian Hunters is Negrusa Emil Ionut game-forestry engineer, professional hunting guide and outdoor adventures' organizer.

A well traveled and educated team, Carpathian Hunters promotes and organizes the fair chase hunting methods, respecting the hunting ethics, protecting the freedom for hunting worldwide and the wildlife conservation accordingly with the laws.

We conduct ourselves into the field to make a positive contribution to the wildlife and ecosystems, showing all the time respect for the game, its habitat and at the same time influencing our companions accordingly.

The strong history and tradition of the natal places, our experience and passion accumulated through the time, make Carpathian Hunters an honest partner you can rely on, always providing realistic expectations prior to your program or destination.

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Negrușa father & son raising rescued bear calf.