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Important Instructions and Regulations

Hunting Facilities

The use of hunting facilities is at your own risk. For your safety, we ask you to make sure before climbing the high seats, that they are not damaged due to weather conditions or any other reasons, or if they can withstand your body weight. You must act at all the time in accordance with your hunting guide recommendations. You are responsible for your own decisions and actions.

Hunting Liability Insurance

Before starting your hunting trip, please check whether the coverage of your hunting liability insurance for your booked travel destination is guaranteed. If necessary, please contact your insurance company.

No guarantee

Many of the hunts take place in pristine areas, where an often significant lack of comfort must be accepted without any claims being made against us. The hunts we organize take place in wild areas where infrastructure level is low. Due the massive woodlands, large agriculture fields combined with forest or unspoiled habitats, the hunting grounds are subject to imprecision. These include, but are not limited to: weather conditions, behaviour of the game, current situations of resentment, behaviour and physical condition of the hunters or any third part liability factors, for which we are not liable. We do not give 100% guarantee on weights, sizes and class of trophies, before the hunt. Judgment of the trophies before shooting is made with an error of approximately 15-20% in accordance with the moment situation, visibility, time etc. The hunter is responsible for his shot and the game he has hunted.

General condition

We reserve the right to increase prices - reductions for the fees listed in our catalogue, as a result of changes in airlines, taxes, transport costs, essential services. But we do not have the power to change prices for the contracted offers/services.

Carrying of hunting trophies

The EU veterinary regulations for imports of raw hunting trophy bulletins include the following:
- Skins must be fresh, free of any virus and disinfected, dried and individually packaged in clear plastic bags with an approved product.
- Skins must be salted and dried or wet-salted for 14 days. Each skin must be packed in a clear plastic bag.
- The skulls must have a veterinary certificate in order to be taken in suitcases. Skulls must be boiled and disinfected with an approved product, if they come from non-member states of the EU.

The personal transport of the trophies is only recommended if these conditions are fulfilled and unless a special import permit is required. If trophies are transported as luggage by air or by car to the home country immediately after the hunt, the above conditions must be fulfilled.

Import of hunting trophies, customs regulations

Trophies must be declared when entering the country of origin. The trophy values ​​are listed in a list which can be viewed at border crossing customs offices. Some countries apply their own fees in accordance with the trophy value.

Weapons and Ammunition Transport

Weapons must be declared at check-in. Weapon and ammunition must be transported separately. The rifle must be transported during flight in special case, the ammunition in a metal box separately by the rifle. Different airlines demand that the lock must be taken out of the gun and carried separately from the weapon - but not in hand luggage. It is recommended to take the riflescope off from the weapon and to transport it separately. Lock on the triggers is recommended.
-The European Firearms Pass is required for carrying hunting weapons into EU countries.
-Valid Hunting insurance for the hosting country is required;
-Valid passport is required;
-Valid weapon licence is required along with the EU firearms pass.
-Valid hunting licences, of residence country, is required.
-Bows, handguns, night vision sight scopes or thermal vision sight scopes are not allowed in some of our destinations.

Other important information

Cancellation insurance is not included in the contracted services.

Some destinations require entry Visa.

Some destinations requite specific vaccines.

Regulations and conditions may differ in accordance with your destination program.

Worldwide embassies:

For more precise information prior to your program please make direct contact with us!

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