Carpathian Hunters and its experienced team, root at the foothill of Calimani Mountains - youngest and wildest mountainous massif in Romania, only 20 km away of the most famous territory with the highest density of Brown Bear in Europe, very strong traditions and hystory being related to these places.

Before and during the 19th century, Transilvanya - Romania emerged as a top class European hunting destinations, notably for its finest Carpathian Stags, Carpathian Chamois and Brown Bears. Royalty, world’s finest and wealthiest hunters came to Romania in pursuit of the big game in the Carpathian Mountains. After the 2nd World War, the country served for the strongest leaders of communism becoming one of the most wanted hunting destionation of the world, hunting with foreign hunters beeing totally forbiden. During this period 1945-1989 Romania registered some of its biggest medal trophies. Some of them ranked as world records and some been unbeaten until today.

Behind the founder of Carpathian Hunters - Emil Ionut Negrusa, stands his father Valer Negrusa which encouraged Emil from the early age of 4-5 years to spend as much time as possible in nature and made him be strong connected with the art of hunting. Valer Negrusa has a strong hunting background with 42 years of hunting management. During the last 12 years of communism 1977-1989 he was one of the 6 hunting coordonators and hunting organizers in Bistrita-Nasaud county, where the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu used to come 1 or 2 times per year for legendary Brown Bear driven hunts. Usually during those hunts 10 to 30 bears were hunted in 1 day, maximum 2 hunting days. It is registred as a best result, in the ’70, that 31 bears have been shot in one single day.

Today those places are well maintained and well managed by different hunting clubs or forestry departments, the urbanisation level is at the lowest level, fact that makes them one of the most challenging and wildest hunting destinations of Europe, being represented mainly by top quality specimens of big game.

The top trophies of each country, acquired by hunting and exhibited at International Exhibitions, are the most important way of learning about the quality of these trophies, reflecting their real value and genetics. Since 1930, starting at Leipzig and to the present, Romania has participated in the most important International Hunting Exhibitions, constant enjoying the leader position in the number of gold medals achieved and especially in the world records approved. We are only reminding that the most valuable Chamois trophies from Transylvania are the world’s leader, the brown bear skull and skin are the world’s leader too, the Carpathian Stag ranks very close to the world record and the wolf skin is also the world record. For more info access out catalogues....

Every year along the Carpathian Mountains in the region of Transylvania, many strong trophies are achieved by hunting into a very challenging manner making Romania to be a global top class hunting destination, printing into the visitor memory an unforgetable memory.

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Romanian Royal family at Lăpușna Hunting Castle
Nicolae Ceaușescu at Dealu Negru - Bistrița
August von Spiess - Director of Romanian Royal Hunts
Negrușa Valer with his greatest trophy - Bistrița 1994
Nicolae Ceaușescu with his hunting party
Hunting organizers in romanian communist era
August von Spiess - Director of Romanian Royal Hunts
Romania at International Game Fair - Berlin 1937
Romanian 19th Century Roe Buck Trophy
August von Spiess - Director of Romanian Royal Hunts
Negrușa Valer with hunt team - Dealu Negru 1988
Nicolae Ceaușescu - Group Photo