Payment & Booking

Booking (Terms and Conditions applied)

The booking fee represents the reservation of the services mentioned in the offer and agreement hunting contract. Usually the booking fee represents 50% of the total contracted service in accordance with the destination contracted. The booking fee is taken in consideration when the full payment of the contracted service is done, usually at the end of the program or before leaving the hunting area/accommodation. In accordance with the hunting offer and agreement hunting contract, the booking fee can be refundable or cannot be refundable. Usually the booking fee is lost, when the CLIENT is not coming for the contracted services. In most of the cases, we will make all the necessary efforts to organize the hunt for our CLIENT and rebook the hunt for another available date of the present hunting season. Rarely the booking fee is taken in consideration as a service reservation for the next season, this being a subject to discuss and agreed with the hunting clubs administration. All details regarding booking and payments are detailed in the contract.

Payment (Terms and Conditions applied)

The booking fee must to be paid at least 6-8 months before the hunt. In some cases the booking fee is required with 1 year before the hunt, especially when comes to book a hunt into the most well managed hunting areas. It can be done by cash or bank transfer to our company account mentioned in the hunting contract. Invoices will be signed for all the payments. Trophy fees have to be paid only in case of successful hunt (shooting the desired trophy) and can be paid in cash or also by bank transfer, all details mentioned in the hunting contract. In case of cash payment, this can be done before changing a hunting area to other or with a few hours before your departure towards airport. In case of bank transfer, this has to be done before departure and proofed with bank transfer statement.

Cancelation (Terms and Conditions applied)

A service is considered cancelled, when the Agreement Cancelation Form is signed by both parties undersigned in the Agreement Hunting Contract. Also a service is considered to be cancelled, when the CLIENT is not taking part for the activity contracted and also is not applying the legislation of using firearms on the Romanian territory. Any wrong and bad behave like using illegal drugs; alcohol while using firearms; wrong manipulation of firearms or bad firing with offensive intentions can drive to the cancelation of the Agreement Hunting Contract. Witnesses can be used for judgment or prosecution. In case that Carpathian Hunters Company is not able to organize the contracted service, it is obliged to announce immediately the CLIENT and refund all the booking fees charged in accordance with the Agreement Hunting Contract.