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Wild Boar (Sus scrofa L.)

Very adaptable to the environment conditions, extremely stout and sturdy game, the wild boar is spread from high altitudes of Carpathian’s resinous forests to the reed of Danube Delta where can be hunted with success. The wild boar found in Transylvania is totally bred in proper wild conditions preserving his native genetics. The largest concentrations are found in the hilly woodlands rich in natural food and crops. In such places with large concentrations of wild boars, the hunting parties (drives) are sensational offering unique and spectacular results.

Usually boars over 150 kg are achieved this being an average weight for an adult boar, but is not a rarity when a boar weights lot more over 250 kg with a trophy bigger than 25 cm.

During the winter the wild boars are in a continuous searching for food, so they can travel up to 40 km per night from their usual territory. In well managed hunting areas the wild boars are loyal to their territory because of the food provided by managers, but during the breeding season the males are strong fighting and the weakest are expelled. This period is the best for hunting as the chances for big trophies are higher and the wild boars are grouped in big herds. Due to the landforms, the habitat present in Romania, high class organization, totally free range population, wild boar hunting offers unforgettable memories, once experienced its becoming a yearly hunting tradition.

Waiting and stalking are very popular methods which can be done with great success. This method gives the chance for big boars in those places where driven hunts can’t be done because of land’s inaccessibility or due to the massive woodlands. This method is mainly done in the evening until midnight, but can also be done early in the morning combined with stalking.

Summer time: waiting method during summer time is done in the evening until late night where the wild boars make damage to the agriculture fields and also can be done early in the morning at the natural water sources where they come to bath and hydrate. The well managed hunting areas offer this opportunity all year round, so the hunt can be successful mixed with roe buck stalking, or any other species in accordance with the hunting season.

Autumn and winter: in the autumn this method can be successful mixed with bear hunts (if available), red stag hunt, chamois or any other species in accordance with the hunting season and area. The hunter needs to be very well dressed, patient and able to resist for temperatures who goes down to -20◦C (January and February).

Driven hunt it is by far one of the most interesting and popular method of shooting wild boars. Full of dynamism and adrenaline, shouting beaters, vibrant dogs’ barks, many shots during the drives, all amplified in an awakening of sense. This method can be well organized in all the landforms of Romania from plains to the spectacular Carpathian Mountain’s large wide forests.

The wild boar populations present in Romania has a very strong genetic background, it is the most common game species of the country and is one of the finest population of Europe. Trophies over 20 cm very often are achieved during the hunts and results of 30 to 120 wild boars in 3-4 hunting days are very common.

Our team of beaters and our dog breeders are well trained and very experienced to deliver the wild boars towards the stands. Organization of a good driven hunt program for wild boars requires a lot of practice and knowledge, on both sides: organizers and hunters.

In Romania, the national record of 144 points CIC has not been beaten since 1980, but it is not excluded to happen because boars with tusks over 135 CIC points are frequently achieved by hunters.

Hunting season

All year round for boars on waiting and stalking method

1st of August – 15th of February (stalking, waiting and driven hunts)


Best period

All year round for waiting and stalking

15th of October – 1st of February for driven hunts

Minimum caliber admitted: 6.5mm x 51mm or similar.

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Transylvanian Hound (2013)
Transylvania (2013)
Wild Boar on driven hunt (2007)
Wild boars on driven hunt (2017)