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Cull Hunting

Because of the heavy winter and the big population of large predators, cull hunting is not a representative hunt for Romania as the females for roe deer and red deer are hunted in very limited number. Even so, there is a place where amazing cull hunt for fallow does can be organized. Shooting 3-6 fallow does in one outing is a normal result. The density of fallow deer in this area is one of the biggest of Europe. Every year on a territory of 15000 ha we shot around 400 fallow does and 250 fallow stags. The cull hunt for fallow does can be well combined with hunting for fallow stag within the same area, or traveling to the next nearby areas, red stag, wild boar, pheasant and hare hunting, can be successful organized during the same program.

In some areas cull hunting for roe deer can be well organized, but shooting roe deer in big number (more than 10) will pay us to travel in more hunting areas. The hunt is successful mixed with red stag, red doe, wild boar, hare, pheasants and fox shooting, all within the same areas.

Hunting season

1st of September – 15th of February

Best period

20th of November – 15th of January

Minimum caliber admitted: 6.5 x 57 or similar

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Red Deer Herd (2019)
Red Deer (2017)
Fallow Does Herd (2018)
Roe Does in Transylvania (2019)