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The Red Deer (Cervus elaphus L.)

From alpine areas to the plain of the Danube River, with an overwhelming percentage in the Carpathian Mountains and its foot hills, we meet the wildest Red Deer population in Europe.

Elegant and massive at the same time, more robust then its peers that reside on the rest of the continent, the Red Deer that lives along the Carpathians impresses trough the exceptional quality of the trophy developed in absolutely natural conditions and impresses trough the emotions experienced during the hunt in order to acquire it due to the Red Deer unspoiled massive habitat.

Cold winters with heavy snows and large predators have showed their importance on an exceptional natural selection, situation convincingly evidenced by Red Deer’s body size and trophy quality.

The Carpathian Red Deer’s antlers are the result of the exceptional genetic inheritance developed in a totally wild environment and of a stringent natural selection.

All the natural universe components of Transylvania, which have been only slightly touched by man, contribute to the preservation of remarkable biological potential for the Red Deer specimens. The Transylvania’s landforms and the massive woodlands of Carpathians, during the Red Deer mating period, offer unique scenery and unforgettable memories for those who experience the most magnificent method of hunt, stalking in the Carpathian Mountains.

With good numbers of fine quality Red Deer, Romania possessed many times the world record, last of which, between 1981-1985, with a trophy of 261.25 CIC points, taken in Soveja, Vrancea County, in 1980. Current national record is 264.51 CIC points, taken by Ronald Philipp on 22nd of September 2003 in Valea Gurghiului, Mures County.

For truly wild deer, which have never been fed artificially or genetically influenced by humans, such awards are absolutely sensational and can be explained only as a result of an extremely valuable genetic background.

Hunting season

September 1st – December 15th (only waiting, stalking and high seats)


Best period

20th of September – 05th of October (rut period)

Minimum caliber admitted: 7x57 or similar

For stalking in the mountains, good physical condition and mountain equipment is required.

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Carpathian Red Stag - 2016
264.51 CIC Points National Record - Valea Gurghiului - 2003
Carpathian Red Stag - 2017
Ronald Philipp with the Romanian National Record - 2003