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Fallow Deer (Dama dama L.)

Although is an alien species that cannot survive in the same land with large predators and heavy winters, fallow deer is well acclimatized in some friendly areas in the west, south, south-east and north-east of Romania. Today, here are living a good number of free range and totally wild populations with great quality trophies.

The stalking method is the most applied way to harvest with the best results during the mating between 20th of October -10th of November. Approaching a totally wild fallow deer is very difficult, but during the mating the harvesting chances are more viable, because of its careless specific for this period. The stalking also can be done with success by experienced hunters late in autumn before freezing, especially in the morning when the leaves and the vegetation are wet, where moving makes not much noise.

The waiting method from high seat is not so practiced because of fallow deer’s habits, which is not keeping his trails, but however it can be spotted for several times at the same agricultural land or at the same feeding place.

The approaching method using a cart is very popular and is very successfully.

The area of hunting registers a very high density of fallow deer, one of the largest populations of Europe, where trophies of 3 kg – 4.5kg are often shot. Excellent cull hunting can be organized within the same area, for more details click here: Cull hunting.

The national record achieved in 1883 has 204.06 CIC points. Trophies that exceed 180 CIC points are frequently achieved every year.

Hunting season

1st of September – 15th of December


Best period

15th of October – 15th of November (rut)

Minimum caliber admitted by law: 6.5mm x 57mm or similar.

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Fallow Deer (2018)
Herd of Fallow Deer (2014)
Romanian Fallow Stag (2018)
Romanian Fallow Stag (2018)