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Horseback Hunting and Riding

Carpathian Mountains and their foothills regions offer excellent possibilities for Horseback Hunting or Horseback Riding programs. People who love horses and the outdoors will find in these trips all what they need for a real outdoor adventure. The Carpathian Mountains, with hundreds kilometers of forestry tracks, country roads, wide open meadows, springs of clean water, massive woodlands, rustic accommodations high in the mountains, are the ideal place for horseback hunting or horseback riding.

These programs can be organized for all ages, from low hilly areas to mountainous regions, experience and good physical condition being required. They can be organized on an easy level of physical condition with short trips from a camp to another or they can be as Spartan as you wish during a 5-10 days journey with 4-8 hours of daily rides combined with stalking or hiking. Drinking natural spring water and eating in the middle of the wild, cooking your own meat above the fire are a few aspects of these tours. Accommodation is varied in accordance with the destination program and can be made in: guestrooms with private bathrooms or shared bathrooms, serving traditional food and not only; in hunting chalets located in the middle of the hunting area, provided with kitchen, private bathroom or shared bathroom. Some areas offer 3-4 stars pensions or motels. And yes, of course, for those who really want to get the best out of this real experience, the tents, the mountain lodges, the overnight fire, the barbeques and stags roars around the camp are absolutely unforgettable memories. The trip will be assisted at all the time by our specialized horse guides, hunting guides and gamekeepers. You don’t have to be a specialist in horseback riding, but experience, good physical condition and good equipment is required especially for the mountain programs.

Every year during the winter, sledge riding through the forests, crossing hills and meadows from village to village, living a charm emotion, can be organized. Hunting using sledge during the winter can be organized on request.


Horseback hunting for red stags during the rut, in September-October is by far the best hunting experience you can get in the Carpathian Mountains. We are proudly to say that we have access at the same time on 5 mountainous hunting areas, with a total compact surface of 75.000 ha, with good rustic accommodations positioned high in the mountains, good connections for logistics and a team of professional hunting guides, horse keepers that are always ready to make your dream come true.

Try the best and get in touch with us for an unforgettable memory!

Improvised camp for Stag Hunting (2013)
Improvised camp for stag hunting (2013)
Improvised camp for stag hunting (2013)
Succesful stag hunt (2013)
Inside rustic house for horseback tours
Lodge for horseback hunting (2015)
Rustic house for horseback tours (2015)
Rustic lodge for horsback tours (2015)
Unforgettable memories during horseback tours (2016)
Camp for stag hunting (2014)
Horse on bear track (2016)
Horseback riding in Carpathian Mountains (2016)