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Carpathian Mountains provide amazingly beautiful landscapes with exceptional hiking routes. Romania has a total of 14 National Parks, including Danube Delta. Most National Parks are mountains regions along the Carpathian Mountains, with medium developed infrastructure, but many good service accommodations available, like pensions with SPA services and ski slopes, chalets, lodges form 2 to 5 stars.

Most of the mountains are equipped with rescue cabins which are always open for hikers. Some areas provide good accommodation service at altitudes over 2000m. We are able to organize hiking trips for groups with no limit of visitors, where specialized hiking guides will be available. Hiking can be well combined with local sightseeing, fishing and hunting. For more information please contact us.


With more than 160 species of game fish, the Danube Delta is truly a fisherman's paradise. Trophy-size catfish, carp, pike, sturgeon and more thrive in the hundreds of lakes and rivers that dot the land of Romania. In mountains valleys with fast rivers, fly fishing is an experience you must try. The best fishing areas are hard to be find by yourself due the the bad management of the finish in the country, but there are quite a few good places that must be experience, like Danube Delta and mountainous river concessions where the density of trout are very rich offering extremely good fishing trips, well combine with other activities. For more information please contact us.

Boot Camps, Sport Events and Outdoors

Their aim is to improve physical and mental strength, while promoting the camaraderie and teamwork. The benefits of boot camp workouts also include stress reducing and lowering high blood pressure. Boot Camp training type differs by the classic sports halls because they are encouraging the team spirit, participants can socialize and even establish bonds of friendship, motivating each other. They combine dynamic stretching exercises, running, crunches and squats with weights or lifting objects ( TRX, RIP Trainer, Kettlebells, boxing bags, weights, tires, ropes, etc.). Many of the exercises involve lifting weights or using their body mass is similar to the Cross Fit and lead to weight loss, improve cardiovascular activity and increasing physical force. If the physical training contributes to strengthening the body, the mind training is what gives force to motivate the participants after leaving the training camp. The Boot Camps are usually organized in mountain resorts, or isolated places provided with chalets and excellent services. All of these will be organized by qualified team of trainers with an experience of more than 15 years. Online training, triathletes training, triathlon competitions and much more about active healthy lifestyle at:

Carpathian Hunters is proud to be part of ACS Triatlon Bistrita team, contributing with all what is necessary in achieving their goals. Together we organize Cross Triathlons, Cross Duathlons, Boot Camps and Outdoor Programs for all ages, all organized in mountain resorts.

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Boot Camp 7th edition in Colibita (2016)
Freeride in the mountains (2016)
Freeride in the mountains (2016)
Hiking in Calimani Mountains (2016)
Hiking in Retezat Mountains (2015)
Fishing in Danube Delta (2016)
 Triathlon Colibita first edition (2017)
Triathlon Colibita first edition (2017)