Photo by AL

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography represents the best alternative for hunting where nature enthusiasts, hunters or journalists always take part to a great wildlife experience.

The programs organized in the mountains, are the most challenging and beautiful ones, they can be exhausting, so the tourist should be in good physical condition and wear good mountain equipment. Species like Brown Bear, Red Deer, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Chamois, Marmot, Lynx and Wolf are the most common species for such a mountainous adventure. As for the hilly and flat terrains, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Brown Bear and Red Deer are the most convenient species to be chased. When comes to birds watching or photography, Danube Delta is the place to be as it’s represented by the biggest diversity and population of birds in Europe, being one of the biggest natural swamps of Europe registered as UNESCO natural heritage.

Many regions in Romania offer a varied opportunity for wildlife photographers, from waterfowl species in Danube Delta to the Carpathian Chamois on highest peaks of the mountains. The country is well represented by each species, developed in totally natural conditions offering an excellent opportunity for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

All the areas where we organize wildlife tours are provided with cozy accommodations, welcoming services, tents, boats, local wildlife guides or gamekeepers, good 4x4 vehicles and excellent high seats in order of observing the wildlife.

For more information and recommendation regarding the optimal periods of each species, please contact us .

Owl in Carpathian Mountains (2018)
Wildlife Photographers on duty (2018)
Wildlife photographer chassing Chamois (2016)
Professional photographer during driven hunt (2013)