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Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus)

Roe Deer is a more common species present from mountainous forests down to Danube Delta, with a higher density in the hills and in the plains areas. The huge diversity of small agriculture fields combined with small forest create a totally wild habitat where an exceptional native genetics large population is always found.

The only hunting methods are the waiting and the stalking. During the mating period, both methods can be successfully done using mechanical caller. The driven hunt method is prohibited, as well as the chase with dogs.

Roe Buck hunting during the rut is a great experience offering beautiful scenery. This period is the most recommended, in order to achieve medal class trophies. During the rut, the Roe Buck is in a continuously searching for females during all day, especially in the hot sunny day, where calling makes the hunt always successful and more challenging.

Usually trophy sizes ranges from 300 grams to 700 grams net weights.

National record of 211.67 points CIC, approved in Marseille in 1977, comes from an arid plain located in the South of the country. Strong trophies over 150 CIC points are frequently obtained from the plain plateaus and hilly areas with large variety of crops.

Hunting season

1st of May – 15th of October


Best period

10th of May to 15th June

20th of July to 10th of August (rut period)

Minimum caliber admitted by law: 5.6mm x 39mm or similar

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Roe Buck,Transylvania (August 2016)
Future medal trophy, Transylvania (2014)
Țibleș Mountains (May 2007)
Roe Buck, Transylvania (August 2016)