National Record

Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus L.)

After humans, the wolf seems to have been the species with the largest distribution on Earth. Starting with Middle Ages, the wolf species has been reduced continuously, disappearing in many European countries (England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Ukraine.) and in 48 U.S. states.

Currently, since the species is strictly protected under the Habitats Directive and International Conventions and Agreements, the wolf has reappeared in many countries (France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden etc.) being legally to hunt in some of these countries.

In Transylvania, in mythology, the wolf was a symbol of the country, and was considered the biggest predator for domestic herds and for the herbivores wild specimens. The wolf population has declined around 1500 specimens in 1970 and then has risen nearly to 4000 specimens after 2010. Currently the numbers are slightly increasing.

The wolf is one of the protected game species in Romania and can only be hunted in very limited number, following special procedures and permits.

Some areas where the number of wolves is highly increased and the produced damages are big the Ministry allows the hunt of excess specimens. Due to wolf’s large living habitat which extends up to 100 km and its intelligence the wolf hunting is the most difficult and insecure hunting in Romania.

A wolf population in full expansion is met in the natural forests hardly accessible from the Carpathians, being a threat for stags, roebucks and wild wolfs, especially during the heavy winter times.

Romania has broken his own world record in 1997 with a new trophy fur of 186.17 CIC points and for wolf skull the national record is 45.30 CIC points being very close by the world record of 46.88 CIC points.

Hunting season

15th of September – 15th of March


Best period

5th of January – 1st of March

Minimum caliber admitted: 5.6mm x 39mm or similar.

Update (2019):

Wolf hunting is restricted. Only the problem or dangerous wolfs can be hunted, with no hunting season restriction, by stalking or waiting hunting methods, special permit being required.

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Wolf at feeding place (2013)
Pack of wolfs on trail camera (2018)
Wolf Habitat - Carpathian Mountains (2015)
Wolf Habitat - Carpathian Mountains (2016)