My son and I had a great week driven wild boar shooting, hosted by Emil. The beautiful landscape, friendly people an professional organisation made a lasting impression. The spectacular size of the local wild boar made this trip special too!
Rutger Jansen, Netherlands    28/Mar/2019 @ 11:03 UTC

At the end of January 2013 I travelled to Romania for the first time. I had been invited by Ionut from Carpathian Hunters to see first-hand the county, different hunting areas, game populations and hunting opportunities that are on offer. Travelling from lowland hilly beech forests, to the specular Transylvanian Mountains we saw many different hunting operations all offering first class sporting opportunities for international hunters. The trophies of many species shown to me are of a remarkable standard with brown bear, wolf, red stag, boar and chamois being of particular interest. All the game keepers exhibited real passion and knowledge in the hunting field and seem very happy to welcome British hunters. Ionut`s organization of the days, travel arrangements and timings were very well planned out. All the guest accommodation on offer was of a very good standard and spotlessly clean. I have no doubt that any hunting trip booked through Carpathian Hunters would rank highly in ones hunting memories, and I very much look forward to returning to Romania at the next opportunity to hunt for myself and spend more time in the amazing unspoiled landscape.
Chris Rogers, Deer Manager at Euston Estate, Suffolk, UK    28/Mar/2019 @ 12:04 UTC

We have hunted in Romania for the past 5 years or more in the province of Bistrita. During this time we have had the pleasure of being hosted by Ionut Negrusa, a very experienced hunter and guide, not to mention a very likeable and friendly individual. We have hunted together for Roebuck in early season, with fantastic stalking on foot in the Carpathian Mountains, wild boar driven hunt and stalking in winter and autumn. The range of hunting available is quite literally second to none! Romania is a wonderful country and the people really welcoming and we are both looking forward to our next visit.
Simon Palmer and Victor Manning, Essex, UK    28/Mar/2019 @ 12:10 UTC

In 2006 I`ve been invited by a friend in Romania to experience the hunting methods and to explore the surroundings. During a bear driven hunt I met Emil-Ionut and since then we keep in contact. So, in the next years I have been guided by him for roebuck, wild boar and red deer. Also he showed me ones of the best hunting lands in Calimani Mountains, Bistri a County. I have been guided by him for many times, also I have participated for many hunts that he organized. My best hunting experience been guided by Ionut was a 10 days red deer stalking in Țibles Mountains, where we slept at 1600 meters altitude in a hunting lodge. He showed me that is a very experienced and patient hunting guide, also a very well knower of the field. We spent a lot of time together for hunting and outdoors. After few visits in Romania, I decided that I have to become a Romanian hunting member with full rights, therefore in 2008 I passed the hunting exam and since then I am Romanian hunter with full rights. I am visiting Romania frequently and all the time when I get there I am looking forward meeting with Emil-Ionut.
Carlo Galbiati, Bergamo, Italy    28/Mar/2019 @ 12:28 UTC

Great mountain hunt for chamois in october 2017! Emil is a great guy to hunt with and can make anything happen in Romania!! Shot a nice chamois and a very big keiler!👌 Im coming back for big redstags and wildboar!🦌🌲🐗
Taylor Friis Jensen, Denmark    28/Mar/2019 @ 14:29 UTC

I hunted Carpathian Chamois with Emil in 2014. I had hunted chamois in France, Croatia, and New Zealand but had long wanted to experience hunting the in the Carpathian mountains. Firstly, Romania was a lovely country and I was looked after well in the hunting district - food, drink, and good humour were in abundance. The hunting was also very sporting. I saw many chamois and was successful in obtaining a good trophy. I couldn't fault any of the organisation and wouldn't hesitate to recommend hunting with Emil-Ionut. Now I just need to find time to go back!
Daniel Mulholland, London     28/Mar/2019 @ 19:33 UTC

Here with my opinion about Rumania and Emil-Ionut Negrusa based on a long experience hunting all over the world and specially in Rumania. I can be very short about it: No better hunting in Europe then in Rumania and no better hunting in Rumania than with Emil as outfitter, guide, professional hunter etc. He, but also his family, will never disappoint you and you can trust him a 100%. Weidmannsheil!
Jan Albert Boor, Chesieres, Switzerland    29/Mar/2019 @ 13:29 UTC

I hunted chamois with Emil in 2013, it was my first hunt abroad and one that I will remember forever, I will always compare any mountain hunt I do and have done to my trip to the Carpathians as it was the best hunt of my life so far, Emil really knows his stuff and made it a hugely enjoyable experience. I would go back to Romania in a heart beat, its an amazing country with lots of hunting opportunities. I had my chamois shoulder mounted and it will remain a constant reminder every time I look at it at of the trip. I can recommend a chamois trip with Emil to anyone, get it booked now!
David Beer, The Country Store, UK    30/Mar/2019 @ 14:27 UTC

Emil-Ionut is an experienced mountain guide and a great guy. He helped out spontaneously when I was stuck in a difficult situation on my Romania trip. Thanks to Ionut the last few days of the journey were a blast. He took care of transport and accommodation and organized an awesome schedule. We hiked together in the Carpathian Mountains and did some incredible bird watching at the capercaillie breeding grounds. We also went horse trekking and came across some impressive game like for example a huge wild boar that I first mistook for a bear. Red stag tracks were as big as horses' and even the roe deer was larger than the kind we have in Germany. For his young age, Emil-Ionut is a very knowledgeable and seasoned hunter. His English is perfect and he is a neverending source of information concerning the hunting system in Romania as well as hunting methods for various game species. He takes his work seriously and, at the same time, has a great sense of humor. That makes him both, pleasant company as well as a reliable advisor. Even though I haven't had the time to go hunting with him, yet, I definitely plan to return and - since I'm a hunting journalist - write a story about it.
Adriane Lochner, Germany    01/Apr/2019 @ 12:32 UTC

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